Overheard in TeaBaggistan

Inauguration day I had the pleasure of overhearing a couple of TeaBaggers talking politics. Talk about uninformed. It went something like this.

Football... football... football.....

Biden will be dumbest president ever. Went to some low-budget college in Delaware

I hope Trump runs again, Biden will be too old.

It's just a plot to get her into the presidency

Football... football... football.....

They wouldn't say terrorism during BLM but called the capital riot terrorism right away.

They wanted to defund police but now are spending millions for protection during the inauguration.

All that red on the election map. It was mostly red the last time but this time there were only a few blue spots.

Votes flipping in Georgia. 300,000 votes for Biden added in the middle of the night in Michigan

Trump tells it like it is. 

He fights those bastards.

Football... football... football.....

Fake news. We don't watch it.

Biden will raise your taxes and hurt the poor.

Football... football... football.....

He's going to cancelled the pipeline so gas prices will go up.

Damn. It made my head hurt.

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