With Centuries-Old Techniques, This Farm Is Preparing for the Future


‘Something Crazy In The Air’ (Fried Egg)

Why Freedom Became Free-Dumb in America

What Americans Don’t Understand About Freedom — That Europeans and Canadians Do

Trump's last Stand.

Tell us how you really feel - F*** You, Ted Cruz

United States election officials say ‘unprecedented’ spread of misinformation has eroded trust in voting system. So ask yourself... where is this misinformation coming from? #1 Trump, #2 The Conservative swamp, Republican Politicians along with Fox, Newsmax, OAN, Rush, Hannity, etc... Spread by Facebook, Twitter, Parler, etc. The Ds are bad too but nothing like this.

Desperate not to take responsibility for what they’ve set in motion, pro-Trump media pivot to conspiracy theories

Trump considering Giuliani and Dershowitz for impeachment defense team. Dershowitz? He's been strangely quiet recently. 

Trump Helped Take Extremist Views From The Fringes Of Society To A Mob Attacking The Capitol - 

Yes, Trump helped. Right wing propaganda built the misinformation cult, an odd mix libertarians, gun nuts, religious nuts, and racists. Trump was programmed by it then took it over. It had been ripe for picking for several years. Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Newt, Mike Huckabee, Santorum, along with others tried but Trump did it. The Fox viewers looked at him and said "My God, he thinks exactly like I do. I'll vote for that", so he took it over. Bill O' Reilly could have been the leader. Trump was in the right place at the right time. He is more a symptom than a cause.

DONALD TRUMP UNLEASHED HIS CULT ON AMERICAN DEMOCRACY  -Yes he unleashed them but again, he didn't create it.


How 3 prior pandemics triggered massive societal shifts

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