Trump and The Cult's Future

Where MAGA Insurrectionists and QAnon Followers Will Post Now

There is indeed currently a leadership vacuum in the pro-Trump insurrection movement. 

If Trump hangs it up, and I think he will, the battle for who fills his shoes will be fun to watch.

Ian Welsh - 50 State Protests Fizzle + Biden

As for Trump, it appears he’s going to be made an example of by being driven into real bankruptcy. The bank securing his loans has said they will no longer do business with him. He embarrassed his fellow elites, then he tried for an extremely incompetent coup and made them feel scared. They won’t forgive him for this. As with Martin Skrelli, you can hurt the hoi polloi all you want, but there’s a certain style required.

I think a bunch of rich, powerful people will (or already have) set Trump down and give him a talk that will be basically,.. "sit down, shut up, sink into a quiet retirement or we'll break you and put your ass in jail."

I don't think he'll cause much trouble, at least for a while.

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