Health Care

Jeffrey St. Clair on the latest from the Supremes on Obamacare.

+ I can’t help but think the Supreme Court ruling upholding what’s left of Obamacare is welcome news to both Republicans (who want to continue to fight–that is raise money–against it) and Democrats (who don’t want to be forced by circumstance to replace it with a single-payer system). So there the ACA remains, doing little more than forcing everyone into the grip of the health insurance industry, where the real death panels do their grim actuarial calculations of life, death, misery and profit.

And on our leaders

 + Ask Biden, Schumer and Pelosi. Hell, the public option isn’t even an option anymore. It was just political clickbait from a party that remains a wholly-owned subsidiary of the health insurance industry. The GOP doesn’t care if you have insurance. The Democrats want to force you to buy it, even if it’s crap…

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