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Was browsing Wikipedia today and found this: Cable Viewer: Dated 2/26/2010.(emphasis by TNB)

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¶7.  (C) Hebron resident Ja'bari said that her uncle, Zaid
al-Ja'bari -- head of the Waqf at Ibrahimi Mosque -- had told
her that "for the time being, we don't see any changes to the
way the Ibrahimi Mosque is being managed.  We read in the
news that (Israeli Prime Minister) Netanyahu said that there
won't be any changes to Ibrahimi Mosque, so we're are
slightly reassured."  Note:  Ja'bari was referring to
comments in the Israeli press attributed to Netanyahu that
freedom of worship at the mosque would be maintained, and
that the purpose of the decision was to allow for renovation
and maintenance of the current status.
 End Note.

¶8.  (C) Ja'bari said that Hebron residents are "concerned
about the outcome.  They know it always starts off as
something little at first, and then, the steps move
drastically forward."  There would be consequences as a
result of the mosque being placed on the (Israeli heritage)
list, she predicted.  Hebronites were "waiting for the next
steps," fearing more restrictions of access to the mosque,
prevention of prayers, and mosque closures,
she added. 

It looks like it took about five years for Israel to break its word.

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