Early Saturday Morning

MAGA - Unforeseen Consequences
  • FT - The euro must be made more robust to rival the dollar. Trump's America-First economic, trade, and war tactics are making the world realize that they need an option to the US and its all-powerful dollar. I can't see how America won't be weaker on the world stage if Trump's policies are allowed to run full-course. 

  • Peak American Capitalism The whole economy is run for the benefit of business and the owners. Some people get a little of what trickles down, and it isn't much, but most people are just being mined for their wealth. 

Fox News
  • The big news stories around the world today are the new Spanish PM, Trump's North Korea summit being back on, the Mattis comments on China, and Israel killing a few more Palestinians including a nurse but Fox doesn't have any of those on the front-page. Instead they run with this......

Rogue Nation
I couldn't find this on the front page of any major US media site.

Rogue Nation 2


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