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Israeli Snipers Shoot Palestinian Medic
No clashes occurred and Ms. al-Najjar was on Gaza soil wearing clothing marking her as a paramedic. Israeli snipers have very good scopes and her death, or the injuries to a hundred other civilians, was unlikely to have been an accident.

American Manufacturing Doesn’t Have to Die
Capitalism, which we’re told is supposed to benefit all Americans who work hard, mostly only touches our lives when it’s taking our money.
More on business mining Americans for their cash.

Art of the Deal
Matthew Chapman with a good description of Trump's economic views

Rs and Ds
D's set to re-nominate Bob Menendez.
They even unite behind an incumbent who is drowning in sleaze and corruption, who was just “severely admonished” by the Senate Ethics Committee, whose legal defense was funded by far-right figures, and who has used his senior leadership role to repeatedly join with the Bush-Cheney and right-wing GOP factions against his own party’s supposed positions. Not only do they unite behind him, but they ensure that no primary challenge can even happen — they deny their own voters the right to decide if they want Menendez — by making it impossible for any such challengers to raise money from funders who rely on the largesse of Democratic officeholders and who thus, do not want to run afoul of their decreed preferences.
Over the last 30 years, the R's have thrown out most of the normal, Reagan-type R's in favor of more radical TeaBagger type Rs. Its Time for D's to throw out the establishment Ds and move left.

Why They Hate Us
Yemen Edition: Ian Welsh: The Yemeni Holocaust

Some things can be shown in the US. “National security” cited as reason Al Jazeera nixed Israel lobby film

You can't believe anything
POTUS Comments about Employment Situation Report

Super Rich Ds
IN THREE CALIFORNIA HOUSE RACES, WEALTHY DEMOCRATS HAVE SPENT $16 MILLION OF THEIR OWN MONEY SO FAR  I don't see how super rich California Ds are going to help sway working class Trump voters in the poor rural areas of the midwest.

War and History
The Naksa: How Israel occupied the whole of Palestine in 1967

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