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Rogue Nation
G7 Views Trump’s US as Rogue State, as France Threatens a “G6” Memo

Energy - Natural Gas
"Qatar did not experience any crack or crisis so far due to its enormous oil and gas resources, and successful rerouting of trade links with Iran, Turkey and Oman, in particular. It is the world’s largest exporter of LNG (liquefied natural gas) and has access to a nearly infinite gas reserve in the Persian Gulf, which it shares with Iran." 
Natural Gas keeps popping up in world politics. A lot of the talk is about who is going to serve the European markets. Russia has pipelines into Europe. The US and Israel want in on the action and seem to be working to push Qatar, Iran (who have gas) and Turkey (who is a pipeline crossroads) out of the action. You can see this alignment in news stories every day.
Energy - Oil
Tried to take over? Did they do it or not? Did they use military or lawyers?
 Venezuela’s Oil Meltdown Defies Belief  
"Clogged ports are the direct result of the seizure of operations on several Caribbean islands by ConocoPhillips last month. The American oil major sought to enforce an arbitration award, laying claim to a series of storage facilities on the islands of Bonaire, Curacao and Aruba."
"Since ConocoPhillips tried to take over those facilities, PDVSA has tried to shift operations back to its ports in Venezuela." 
There will be no governments for the people, especially socialist governments in a US dominated world.
More here:  The Oil Major Accelerating Venezuela’s Decline

Fake News
The most prevalent fake-news in the US today is that the national Democratic Party is "Liberal". They are not. They look liberal compared to our crazy right-wingers but they are far from working for the greater good of the working class.
Here is the explainer though it starts out as a take-down of Trump it is really about the Clinton-Obama-Pelosi Democrats.  Rotten to the Heart: Authoritarian Chickens Roosting at Home 
A good example here:     Pelosi's 'Pay-Go' Rule Is Entirely Counter-Productive to Progressive Policy Goals
Good example #2:        The 2 words you can’t say in a Democratic ad
"Some Democrats argue that instead of focusing on the potentially divisive idea of single payer, the party should defend the Affordable Care Act"
What could be more divisive than defending the ACA? It was the most divisive god-damned thing in the last election and ultimately helped elect Trump!?

Police State
Homeland Security wants to monitor journalists. Time to sound the alarm. but they sure don't want to monitor gun owners.

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