Israel, Gaza, Google, and Kneecapping

Does the Google News algorithm have the ability to translate Israel-Palestine headlines into NYT speak?

This morning, Google News had this as the headline

Which is a typical NYT slant to all Israel-Palestinian issues. It's "clashes" instead of "Israel killing protesters" and "Hamas" is headlined so 'Mericans relate it to those Islamic terrorists.

But when I got to the linked site, this was the headline?

Palestinians killed in protest near Israel-Gaza border

What's going on here? I thought the Google News feed was algorithm driven so shouldn't change a headline? Is the Google A.I. doing it? A person? Why? It seems pretty shady to change a headline from another source.

Also from the CBS article.
Among the dead Friday was 15-year-old Haitham al-Jamal. His family said he was taking part in a protest in Rafah, in southern Gaza, when he was shot. A total of 12 children under age 16 have been killed in the protests.
French news agency Agence France-Presse said one of its photographers, Mohammed Abed al-Baba, was wounded at a mass rally after Israeli forces opened fire. AFP said al-Baba was wearing a press vest and helmet about 200 meters (yards) from the border when hurt. 
It said he was wounded below the knee while trying to take a photo of a wounded protester after Israeli troops opened fire. The photographer's injury was not life-threatening, but he was to undergo surgery. 
Israel's military had no comment on the incident
More kids and journalists killed or injured. The photographer was shot just below the knee, which support reports that Israeli soldiers are kneecapping people. Kneecapping is shooting just below the knee, the leaving the victim crippled for life. Italy's Red Brigade terror organization used kneecapping to warn their enemies back in the 80's. It seems Israel is using it on the Palestinians today.

An Israeli lawmaker suggested a teen girl should have been kneecapped.

Israeli Lawmaker: Palestinian Teen Tamimi 'Should Have Gotten a Bullet, at Least in the Knee'

Haartez, a leading Israeli newspaper had this

Is the IDF Conducting a Kneecapping Campaign in the West Bank? The number of Palestinians being wounded by live fire is on the increase, with stone throwers saying they are being told that confronting soldiers is liable to leave them crippled for life.

Your US tax dollars are supporting this barbaric act.

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