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Crooked Bastards

McDonald's and Cheating at MonopolyI don’t remember this story but I guess an insider in the company that printed the game pieces was stealing them and selling or giving to his friends. It’s a good read.


Trump on Immigration.

Stonekettle Station on Trump and Merit. - Right on as usual.
Merit? What has more merit? A dentist when you need a cavity filled or the garbage man when your cans are overflowing? The person who waits on your table when you’re hungry or the one who cuts your hair? Those people, the ones who turn up whenever you need help, the ones who stop alongside the road to help you with a flat, the ones who always turn up to help look for a missing child, the ones fill the sandbags when the water is rising and the winds start to howl, what merit do they have?


Education vs The Real World - After my kid graduated from engineering school, I made him put "Work on my own car" and "Like Wood Working" on his resume. At the first interview, they told him that those two lines are what got him the interview. They liked people with some hands on skills. Made a believer out of him. Life takes both.

Medicare for All 

Sadly, this - Four more go through. will probably matter more than this - Koch-backed study finds ‘Medicare for All’ would save U.S. trillions in our quest for Medicare for all.

Paul Ryan wins the dumbest comment award. We are truly ruled by idiots.

Dr. Deane Waldman comes in a close second place with this fact free hit piece. Waldman was a doctor but now makes his money working for the right-wing lobby group the Texas Public Policy foundation .

Medicare for all !! Fuck these bastards!!

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