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Bipartisan-Consensus-Centrist doesn't mean what you think it means. Gin and Tacos explains
 "Bipartisan" or "consensus" are not synonyms for "good" when it comes to public policy. It simply means that everyone agrees on an outcome (inevitably the status quo) and says nothing about the outcome itself. The Iraq War resolution was bipartisan. Agreeing to let Wall Street off the hook in the early Obama years was a bipartisan consensus. Spending a trillion dollars a year on the military is a bipartisan consensus. These are all idiotic and destructive ideas. If you applaud any of them simply on the basis of how good it makes you feel that no one really argued about anything and everyone shook hands and smiled and agreed, then I think you might not fully understand what politics is. This week, Congress passed a $717 Billion Pentagon spending bill without one word of debate. Everyone in Congress was no doubt very Civil about it, because they all want to roll around in the trough of money they just created. I would rather they caned each other over the head on the House floor and spent half as much on the military

Cory Robin on Our Democracy
".. the fact that both the current and the last Republican president were only able to win their elections with the help of the two most anti-democratic institutions of the American state: the Electoral College and the Supreme Court. In both cases, these men won their elections over candidates who received more popular votes than they did. There’s a lot of words one might use to describe a system in which the person who gets fewer votes wins, but democracy isn’t one of the ones that comes immediately to mind." 

A New Party of a New Type

Hullabaloo and the Christian Swamp.

ON AMERICAN HEGEMONY, PART I - I think there's a chance that Trump ends up making the US weaker on the world stage. Our allies now see they may not be able to rely on the US as much as in the past and both our allies and enemies are probably thinking that an alternative to the dollar would be nice to have around. It might not turn out like that or he might not stay around long enough for it to happen but there's a chance a post-Trump world has two or three power brokers instead of just the US.


Privacy issue, Police State, or next Side-Hustle? Tommy Hilfiger connects your clothes, your phone, plus a game to their marketing dept for cash and prizes.


The Great Corporate Tax race to the Bottom continues. Across the globe, taxes on corporations plummet. - I've said it before, end corporate taxes and corporate person-hood. Don't allow corporate political donations. Run all taxes and political cash at the person level.


That lost revenue has to come from somewhere and it ain't coming from an increase in the rich folk's taxes, cuts to military budgets, or corporate subsidies. It's going to come from cuts in social programs and more taxes on the 90%, hidden taxes like gasoline, sales, payroll, etc.

Government of the corporation, by the corporation, for the corporation, should perish from the Earth.

Vote for D Socialists when you can !! D's when you can't.

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