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Politicians who need to stop fucking up the US. Dearest Paul Ryan.


Fake Interview With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Was Satire, Not Hoax, Conservative Pundit Says. There's a hell of a lot more "fake news" in conservative circles than in the mainstream. Sure the mainstream is bad, they get shit wrong, they always slant to a middle-of-the-road, pro-US, Pro-business, Pro-military, and always pro-Israel, but they are far from Conservative-Fox News-Sinclair propaganda.

Building Wealth

Does buying a home count as saving for retirement.- It can be a piece of your retirement planning but it doesn't replace saving for retirement. You have to buy smart, buy the right house, at the right time, , and you'll still need retirement savings.

I hear a lot of young people blindly state they want to buy a house because paying rent is just throwing money down the drain but they don't understand that buying a shit-hole, double-wide, in a crappy area, at the peak of the market can throw a whole bunch of money down the drain in one transaction.

Buy the right house, when you  know you're going to be in the area for several years and you should be OK but you still need to build other wealth for retirement. The TNB basic plan is......
  • Learn to live inexpensively. Be a tightwad.
  • Learn to Save.
  • Use credit sparingly, very sparingly. 
  • Max out your 401 or IRA. Never, ever, ever borrow from it.  
  • Spread your investments around, Stock, Bonds, US, non-US, collectibles, land, etc. 
  • Don't blow up your life with drugs, alcohol, or by quitting your job or leaving your family in hasty decision. 
  • And,... always be careful about who you trust about your wealth and finances. No One,... NO ONE.... cares about your wealth as much as you do and there are a lot of people out there in fancy suits with official sounding titles that exist only to turn some of your wealth into their wealth. Don't let them.  
Do all that and someday you'll look up and find yourself pretty wealthy,.. as long as you don't die before you get there..... so ... have some fun too.


GOAT and NBA Championships


I have to agree with the this from Hullabaloo.
"This may seem trivial. But when cops start acting on their own to set-up Trump's critics we are looking at a potentially very big problem. It's not ok."


The Rude One on it again.  What Did That Dumb Orange Motherfucker Say Now? (Your Lying Eyes Edition)


Jeffrey St. Clair. including this....
"In the last year, MSDNC has done 455 segments on Stormy Daniels and none on Yemen. I’m all for Stormy Daniels, but she’d probably get the Nobel Peace Prize if she went to Yemen for the weekend so that MSDNC and CNN would cover the US-backed genocidal war going on there …"
and this on our "not Liberal media"
"According to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists as the Earth roasts under a hemisphere-wide heatwave, “Over a two-week period from late June to early July, ABC, CBS, and NBC aired a combined 127 segments or weathercasts that discussed the heat wave, but only one segment, on CBS This Morning, mentioned climate change.”

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