The missing profits of nations
"Close to 40% of multinational profits were artificially shifted to tax havens in 2015, and this massive tax avoidance – and the failure to curb it – are in effect leading more and more countries to give up on taxing multinational companies." 
Progressives should look at trading corporate person-hood in exchange for low, or no corporate taxes, then just tax at the personal level.


The question of Russia and the Left. - I agree. Drop the Russia crap, it is the sort of "politics" that the people are tired of. The left should focus on issues.... Medicare for all, Education, infrastructure, jobs/economy, war, drugs, etc and drag the D's and R's into those arguments rather than joining them in the Russian BS.


There were early pretenders, Santorum, Huckabee, Palin, and Gingrich, who had the focus of the Fox cult for a while but Trump topped them all in the end. He is the First Fox News Cult President. I hope we survive it.
"Trump wields a power over Congress that can override the influence of corporate money. That power comes from an alliance between Trump and the media that has a big influence on how Republican voters view the world: Fox News in particular but others as well. The irony is that under these conditions democracy in the form of primaries gives Trump and the media considerable power over Congress."

Hypocritical Clergymen
"Pompeo is a paid up member of the Christian Taliban, the tribe in the US that most steadfastly supports Donald Trump. They used to say that the moral conduct of the president is crucial back when Obama was in. But now all of a sudden, only 1/3 say that. It is almost as if it matters most to them not whether the president leads a moral life but whether he is white and anti-abortion. I mean, you can’t be more hypocritical than to be a committed Christian and to support Trump to a hilt."

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