Media and Fake News

America’s Newspapers Just Played Right Into Trump’s Hands - I have to agree.

A better plan would be to methodically take-down the fake news and lies of the right like the following.

Another good take-down of Right-Wing Bullshit.

Kevin Williamson’s unhinged attack on Elizabeth Warren’s corporate accountability bill, explained
I’m not sure he actually read it. - Matthew Yglesias takes apart Kevin Williamson's article on Elizabeth Warren. This is a good example of someone on the right throwing out crazy bullshit to scare conservatives and someone on the left clearing up the lies and distortions. Too bad we can't get a few post like this in front of conservative eyes.

Gingrich and Fox pukes out a load of Shit -  Absolute Bullshit.... Trying to scare the shit out of the old people. see above

Subtle Drudge Propaganda. Scaring the shit out of people with those evil foreigners and then mentioning Ocasio-Cortez. Propaganda at its slimiest. (no link, from about 8am, 18-08-18)

White House Blackout? I've seen this a lot lately. I think the White House has quite talking to people they don't like.
"..Officials at the White House and the E.P.A. did not respond to requests for comment." (NY Times)
"..and the White House did not respond to CNN's requests for comment." (CNN)

Social Security 

What you probably don’t know about Social Security - Not hyperventilating about going broke.
"One huge misconception is that it is going bankrupt and it is unaffordable. Whether to expand Social Security or cut Social Security is a question of values, not affordability. We’re the wealthiest country in the world. There’s no question we can afford not only the current Social Security program but the expanded Social Security if that’s what the American people want. 
Another misconception is that it is a government handout. It is, in the words of the elite, an entitlement. The truth is it is an insurance each of us earns through our work and payroll contributions."
Unlike this BS from our so-called liberal press - Cuts in Social Security and Medicare are inevitable. Delaying reform will make it worse.

As the first post states, it is about choice.  We can continue to cut taxes for the people who already own and control everything or we can choose to help the people by fixing Social Security, implementing Medicare for all, and decreasing the cost of college, building infrastructure, etc.

Trump and Harley Davidson

Trump Encourages People to Boycott Harley: Dealer and Rider Reactions -  I know a lot of Harley riders and most of them voted for Trump. They are all fiercely loyal to HD and most developed that loyalty long before Trump came on the political scene. Still I don't think this will hurt his reputation with them. My guess is a few muttered "Fuck You" when Trump hammered HD but many are Fox News watchers so got the sanitized version if they heard it at all. Also, most (that I know) like their guns and have been convinced that any vote for and D would be then end of their guns. So, while it might hurt Trump a little, very little in their eyes, they are still Hard R voters.

"The Maoist used to talk about heightening the contradictions of capitalism, but is it possible to get more contradicted than this: Trump praises Harley-owners for boycotting Harley-Davidson after the company announced plans to open overseas plants in response to Trump’s tariffs. On the very same day, the president holds a press event with a cadre of Bikers for Trump, whose organizer sells Bikers for Trump t-shirts that are made in Haiti because it’s “too expensive” for them to be made in the US."

Democratic Socialists

“Socialism” vs. “capitalism” is a false dichotomy
Warren’s coalescing vision of the market-friendly welfare state doesn’t exactly amount to the second coming of Milton Friedman, but it’s far more intellectually sound and politically attractive than anything Republicans currently have on offer.

Speaking of Interfering in US Politics

Israel lobby group J Street withdraws Rashida Tlaib endorsement - J Street is supposed to be the least radical of the Israeli lobby groups. Vote for Rahida Tlaib. We need to break the Israeli Likud's party hold on US politics.

Health care - Medicare for All !!!

Yeah, Obamacare was a screw-up but still the subsidy here only exists because of Obamacare. How many retired couples making $55,000 per year could afford to spend over $20,000 a year on health insurance?  Vote Medicare for All !
A couple with one spouse who is 60 and the other age 55 with $55,000 in annual household income, for example, would pay an average of $438 a month for a mid-level benefit “silver” plan, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. 
If they didn’t qualify for a subsidy, their monthly premium would jump to $1,857.
from : What to Know About Money in Retirement

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