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Israel Rejects UN Plea to Allow Blue Helmet Protection to Palestinians, Blames Palestinians - There's definitely been a change in marketing on the US-Israeli side. The claim now is that all these dead Palestinians are the fault of the Palestinian leadership. Well,.. It ain't the Palestinian leadership pulling the triggers on these guns.  War Crime: Israeli Army Again Shoots unarmed Palestinian Protesters, Killing 2, Injuring 270

Speaking of influencing American Politics

Qatar Used a pro-Israel Businessman to Pay Zionist Organization of America $100,000
"A pro-Israel businessman doing public relations work for Qatar donated $100,000 to the Zionist Organization of America out of money Qatar paid him to engage in “community engagement.” 
"Joseph Allaham, an owner of kosher eateries, said his donations to ZOA, a conservative pro-Israel group, came out of $1.45 million intended by Qatar to woo Jewish and other leaders to its side in its dispute with Saudi Arabia, Mother Jones reported. Allaham disclosed the payments in a filing last week to register as an agent of a foreign government."
On Morton Klein - from Wikipedia

  • Klein called Obama "a Jew-hating antisemite."[7]
  • Klein has stated his belief that the U.S. should engage in religious profiling of Muslims. 
  • In February 2012, the ZOA lost its tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service after it failed to file tax returns for three years.[9] The ZOA regained its status in May 2013.[10] Klein said it was a technical "glitch."[10] During the years that the ZOA failed to file tax returns, The Forward reported that Klein's salary increased 38%.[11]
  • On January 20, 2018, shortly after Klein's paid trip to Qatar and just three days before the second $50,000 payment Allaham gave to ZOA on behalf of Qatar, Klein expressed to Haaretz a new, open attitude to dialogue with Qatar.[18] In a subsequent March 2018 interview, Klein then praised Qatar for flying an Israeli flag at a recent handball tournament and said the emir told him that "last summer they stopped funding terrorist groups."[16]


Stacking Concrete blocks to store energy

 The Cult

Not the Trump Cult. The Fox News Cult, Captured by Trump.

Medicare for all

Fact Checkers - muddying the waters

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