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Polite Republicans - A pretty good description of our mainstream media here. Polite, centrist-to-conservative, don't really want much change. They're only liberal when compared to Fox News.

I wish everyone would stop talking about impeachment. My god folks, Mike Pence would be in charge.

Everything is the Clintons' fault. Everything is always the Clintons' fault.
Yep. A good reason for The Clintons to get out of politics. They will always be the enemy the right can use to wind-up-the-wing-nuts.
and by the way, Sheldon Adelson owns the Rs


I never really liked the guy and never understood why the media revered him. I didn't know the details of his POW stay, it's quite a story, and for that alone he deserves some "hero" status. Still, as a politician he always struck me as not really that sharp on things that were out of his wheelhouse and his wheelhouse was really only war, bombs, POWs, and torture.


Household Savings: Average vs Median - Mish is right, Averages lie.
The average "boomer" headed into or in retirement has $274,910 in savings.
What's wrong with that?
Well, 50% of boomers have less than $24,280 saved up.

Stumbling and Mumbling on Socialism in One Country - Capitalism makes the pie bigger for everyone, until it doesn't, then it starts eating the pie from the inside. The US reached that point sometime in the late 80 or 90s. I think (hope) we're at peak-pie-eating now.

Raising prices for part of his base
 - I'd guess a lot of Fox-News-Watching, Trump-Voting old ladies buy their sewing and quilting supplies from Joann's. I don't think they'll like to see the prices going up.

Medicare for all
“The Reuters–Ipsos survey found 85 percent of Democrats said they support [Medicare for All] along with 52 percent of Republicans.” [Link]
So why can't we have it? Because that's what the people want and in the US, our policies are determined by what business wants.
Medicare for all two problems

Medicare for All - This assumes a lot of D winning.

Crappy Media

WSJ - Low levels of unemployment and high demand for H-2B visas mean there aren’t enough people working in landscaping this summer - I hate these "We can't find workers" articles. If they pay enough with the right benefits, they will get the workers. If you raised wages 40% over the last four years and you still can't find people then you haven't raised them enough. It's basic supply and demand,... free market assholes.

The lesson we refuse to learn about Republican voters

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