The Last Few Days

The Economy

Jobs - Obama's last 18 months vs Trumps first 18 months.

Bernie vs Amazon - Click and read the thread.

Medicare for All

Hospital Bill Horror Story - Life-Threatening Heart Attack Leaves Teacher With $108,951 Bill - A great example of how our health care system rapes people.


It Would Take Only a Single Senator
"With Republicans clinging to a precarious 50–49 majority, every individual GOP senator can serve as a check on Trump’s excesses whenever they choose to act."
Trump and the current GOP group are doing lasting damage to their party. The youngsters will remember this.  
Neocons Rising


Cuomo Received $25,000 From Weinstein Lawyer’s Firm as He Suspended Probe


No More Mister Right Blog is Right! - Most right-wing sites don't do news, just opinion and fear mongering.

Trump’s latest misleading attack on Google, explained - Everyone hits Trump for these bogus "fake news" stories but they almost always originate from Fox News. Trump is a symptom. Fox is the problem.

Detecting Deep Fake Videos - I guess it might work for a while.

Iran-based political influence operation - bigger, persistent, global - This sounds like a planted story to bolster the "Iran is evil" meme. This is the tell......
"...U.S.-based cyber security firm FireEye Inc and Israeli firm ClearSky..."

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