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Baltimore police officers carry toy guns to plant on people they shoot

Free Speech

Trump administration moves to curb campus criticism of Israel - Fuck the First Amendment.... there's a hurricane coming.


Yes, let's wipe out Trump. But take neoliberal Democrats with him, too -  Yep. My plan for the youngsters is.......
  • Always Vote. 
  • Always Vote for the most progressive choice.
    • A Social D in the D Primaries.
    • The Left most in the General.
  • oh, and Always Vote

Corporations are people too.

Except a person would go to jail if they blew up 39 houses.


The American Conservative on Trump's Foreign Policy
So America under Trump has become a cat’s paw in a Middle East intrigue that is very likely to lead to war. This is not how he campaigned in 2016, and it is not what the American people want. If Trump doesn’t veer away from this path to war and the result is further Mideast blood and woe, he likely will go down in flames. That would be fitting and proper. But the rest of the world wouldn’t deserve the result.

No one really likes Trump. His supporters like the person he plays on TV but they'd hate him too if they ever had to work with him or even be around him for a few days

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