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Some good shots of pre-war bikes. by Paul Clifton


Generation Gap
"We have impressions – things which enter our mind with “most force and violence” – and ideas, which are “faint images”. Our experiences in our formative years are impressions; everything else is an idea. This, I suspect, lies behind at least some of the generational divide in politics. And its partisans are insufficiently aware of it."
I agree. Here in the US, the depression era has been forgotten and we're in the death-throes of the Reagan generation with a shot of 9-11 and a  hint of the Vietnam era thrown in the mix. I can't wait for the younger, friendlier, grunge-rockers and Obama babies to really take control. 




Trump mocks NFL for ratings drop in season opener; suggests numbers would improve if players didn't kneel -  Hell, I've been boycotting NFL games because they black-listed Kaepernick.

On the Economy. “Best Ever” Economy?

The US is above the law, International Law that is.

Middle East

We use a carrot with Israel, moving the embassy to Jerusalem and allowing the settlements, but we use a stick with the Palestinians.

Our Crappy Media

CNN on the Economy - Trump's economy is roaring -- but the controversies around him are drowning it out. A  better headline would have been "The economy is rolling despite the Trump controversies" Liberal Media my ass.

Another left-wing, anti-war type blindly accepting that the Syrian chemical weapon attack was the real thing. Did Trump almost start WW III with Russia with Proposed Massive Bombing of Syrian AF?
"Knowing that the Russian Aerospace Forces personnel were all over Syrian air bases, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis became alarmed, and shaped a limited response to the Syrian regime’s use of chemical weapons at Khan Sheikhoun on April 4, 2017"

Capitalism's Race to the bottom.

About a quarter of rural Americans say access to high-speed internet is a major problem
Yep. It's a bitch. I live in Teabagistan (eastern Indiana) about a mile from a town with cable broadband and about 10 miles from a larger town with cable, wireless, and fiber broadband. The best available to me is copper-fed DSL at about 2.8MB. It's passable but barely. 
Not far from me we have $200,000 to 300,000 houses with no access to broadband. 
I expect 5G will help but until the phone carriers change their thought process from phone-like plans to more full-access, electricity-like service it will never work for users. Currently, Sprint 4G is my best option, 50gb for 50$ then the speed is cut. 50gb is about 10 days of use for an older, nearly-retired couple. That ain't going to get it. 
If I had to buy electricity like that, I'd get 500kwh a month then the house would go dark or I could turn on lights but couldn't use my oven, water heater or heat-pump.  

Still, I guess our broadband isn't as fucked up as our health care. - Insulin's High Cost Leads To Lethal Rationing.

Foreign Influence

Ex-Trump adviser was reportedly accused of being unregistered Israeli agent. Wow, I thought he was working for Russia.

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