Many Rural Americans Struggle With Financial Insecurity, Access To Health Care
Healthcare stands out as the #1 issue but the establishment D's have to sidestep the issue because of the donor class. Medicare for All makes this issue go away. 
Also, people don't have 1,000$ for an emergency and don't have funds for healthcare but American corupitalism expects them to save for their retirement and college for their kids. 
Just, another day in the capitalist paradise.

Saw on Naked Capitalism today today... Biden says Americans want unity, Buttigieg wants carbon capture, Kamala Harris wants equal pay for women, Steve Bullock is on Citizens United... the people want healthcare.

I want healthcare and some protection from the corporate overlords of this capitalist paradise.

The Web

The Dark Forest Theory of the Internet


National Average Rent Rises by 3.0 Percent

The Middle East

Saudis Say They Don't Want War, but Will Defend Themselves - The Saudis taking a page from Israel's playbook. Bomb the shit out of you neighbors and then claim you have the right to defend yourself.

The rest of the world is not listening on Iran - Putin, Merkel, Macron confirm further trade with Iran


TrumpLindsey Graham, and the UK FM all warn Iran that the US will retaliate if it starts a fight. A false flag can't be far off. The tanker attack last week seemed amateurish, I'd expect a better one this time.

US: Assad may have renewed chemical attacks in Idlib - Of course he did.........

War - for Oil?

Exxon adding "resources" off the coast of Guyana
"Another major aspect of the company’s growth plans is through Guyana. The company is rapidly adding to recoverable resources through successful exploration. The company recently marked its 13th discovery here, with an estimated 5.5 billion barrels of recoverable resources. The company plans to continue its significant exploration plan here going forward."
 Which happens to be next-door to Venezuela as shown on this map.

Venezuela happens to have the worlds largest oil reserves. -Visual Capitalist: Map: The Countries With the Most Oil Reserves

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