Fox Propaganda - How can they even call themselves a news organization? Every other news organization has something about the Trump-Pelosi infrastructure meeting. Fox Propaganda runs with rage against the Muslims, Ds, Pelosi, Hollywood and a scary black person. (Fox front page 2019.5.23).

The headline article about Carson's slam going viral is especially weak, to the point that I feel a little embarrassed for him. He might be a great surgeon but he's not cutout for politics.

Medicare for All

Medicare-for-all: Rep. Pramila Jayapal’s new bill, explained: It’s the most ambitious plan for government-run health care yet.


I thought Republican free-market types didn't like the government picking winners and losers. - Trump Gives Farmers $16 Billion in Aid Amid Prolonged China Trade War


FOR HER NEXT TRICK, NANCY PELOSI SHOULD DEMAND TO SEE TRUMP'S ALLEGED HEALTHCARE PLAN - I agree with this. Trumps promise of a great healthcare plan was one of the biggest lies of his campaign and all media has let him off the hook for it. He should be asked about it every day.

Telling a good story - Caitlin Johnstone: The US Government Is Like A Bad Dad

Taibbi: Recent efforts to sandbag Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard are crude repeats of behaviors that helped elect Trump in 2016


This is nice - Pakistan military says it test-fired ballistic missile Shaheen-II

Just making shit up - Officials Dispute Mike Pompeo's Claim That Iran Is Collaborating With Al Qaeda

Rogue Nation? - US promise of Palestinian ‘prosperity’ falls flat at UN

Fake News and False Flags

Israeli Army Blamed Palestinians for Arson by Settlers. Then a Video Emerged (Haaretz 2019.05.23)

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