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COSTS OF RECESSION  - A good post here with a common sense outline for for handling recessions. Basically, we can't predict recessions so let's make the economy more resilient and then have a plan ready when a random recession hits.

Media - Google and Conservatives

Hey Google, nothing Mike Huckabee says about anything is "Headline News" (7/19/2019)

About That Swamp?

Trump taps Scalia's son as Labor secretary pick

Epstein and the Elite

Alan Dershowitz playing the "Israel" card.

Trump to Barak: Inside Epstein’s little black book - Limited detail but a good summary to this point,


Esquire: This Was a Fascist Rally Down to Its Bones
The president* is proud of the monster he has created. He glories in the destruction and the almighty rage.
I'd argue that Fox and wingnut radio created the monster. Trump just took over the leadership.

I think SteveM at No More Mister Nice is exactly right on this.
"Trump won't even have to say anything critical about about Omar at his next rally -- the minute he mentions her name, the crowd will begin to chant, "Send her back!" The only way he can prevent that is not to name her at all. We'll know he got a good talking-to if he refrains from mentioning her altogether.   
I can't see that happening. I imagine he'll say Omar's name, the chant will start, and with a mock-concerned look on his face and a barely concealed grin he'll tell the crowd, "No, no, no, we're not allowed to say that. We have to be politically correct." Everyone in attendance will know that what he really means is My handlers have fed me some P.C. bullshit about this, so I have to ask you to stop, but we all know that terror-loving bitch deserves it.

Or maybe he'll say, "There's a certain person (dramatic pause) whose name I'm not supposed to mention..." -- and soon the crowd will get the reference and start the chant, as Trump mock-protests.

I can't believe he'll give it up altogether. If he does, we'll know just how scared the Republicans are."

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