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Good Stuff from Jeffrey St. Clair
+ A Vietnam War draft-dodger being embraced by the hard right for saying “Love It or Leave It” is a spectacle that’s almost impossible to imagine happening 50 years ago. You’ve come a long way America.
tnb here... Ah yes. I remember in the 60s, my grandfather had a "Love it or leave it" American flag bumper sticker on his Ford stationwagon and my dad was playing John Prine's "Your flag decal won't get you into heaven any more" and smoking weed. We come a long way.....
+ Ilhan Omar has been a US citizen six years longer than Melania Trump, who worked illegally in the US for 5 years before obtaining her “Einstein Visa” for modeling.
This is the kind of quick headline that would shut down a lot of Fox News right-wing shit if our crappy media would just put it out there. 
+ One could argue that Trump’s lasting contribution to history is his revelation that there is no dignity to the office of the presidency, that many of the things presidents do are “degenerate” & that racism & narcissism are normal characteristics for the occupant of the office

+ Paul claims that he is not “blocking the bill” merely stalling it until the Senate agrees to vote on his amendment to “offset the costs.” Where was this kind of fortitude in the face of humanity when it came to Trump’s tax cuts?

+ What AOC & Co. are up against: the Dems are an aging party that values loyalty to leadership and seniority more than , ideas, vigor & innovation. In the House, there are 20 standing committees, only 4 are chaired by people younger than the ave retirement age in the US (62). Three are chaired by people 80 or older. Is it any wonder their policies are so immune to any kind of change?

The rise of corporate nations

Multinational corporations are increasingly encroaching on the functions of sovereign states.

Medicare for All

The 5 Biggest Lies Joe Biden Is Telling About Medicare for All


The pro-Trump cable news channel used a fake identity for a pseudonymous meme-maker.
And so the interview was, in a way, a signal moment for the new pro-Trump media, which has sought to challenge traditional journalism while refusing to play by its rules, or to put any particular premium on truth.


The Blob Fought the Squad, and the Squad Won
What their establishment colleagues have yet to come to terms with is that neoliberalism has left a plurality of Americans living in a ‘shithole country.’


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