Thanksgiving - Have a great one!

Medical Care - US vs the World

What’s the best type of healthcare system?

War - On Terror

Trump to designate Mexican drug cartels as terrorists - I can't wait for some country to designate American tobacco firms as terrorists. Or maybe the Sackler family? American Arms manufacturers? American Bankers?


And the Ds want to blame Russia !?  - How Fox News gave Trump a “war on Thanksgiving”

Too Much Money

$ 645 pants


Note to Democrats: Call the GOP's Bluff - I agree. It's time to stop fucking around.

AOC Raises More Money Than Any Other House Democrat Last Quarter - Maybe this will get the Corporate D's attention? They do like their money.

Middle East

The root cause of the conflict is the Israel lobby
For 20 years Sheldon Adelson has been pouring money into Republican politics to prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state, and he has succeeded. Trump has proved to be Adelson’s “perfect little puppet” (to quote the president on Adelson’s former favorite in 2015), giving the casino mogul everything on his wish list, from moving the embassy to Jerusalem to recognizing the Golan annexation to tearing up the Iran deal. “A huge check from Sheldon Adelson” and winning Jewish votes in Florida, is how Thomas Friedman explained Trump’s actions a few weeks ago. Adelson has more power than the Secretary of State, writes Tim Egan of the Times.
And it's not just the Rs
Let’s be clear, selling out US policy on Israel to donors did not start with Trump and Republicans. Hillary Clinton pandered to pro-Israel contributors in her 2016 campaign. She attacked the boycott movement so as to please Haim Saban and other donors, and promised to take the U.S.-Israel relationship to “the next level,” so as to change the script from the Obama years– when we only gave Israel 3.8 billion a year plus


Cyprus appoints investigator in 'Israeli spy van' case - I'm guessing this is what they found in this case.

Of course you're local police department has some of this ability too.


Ian Welsh: How Smart Stupid People Fuck Up The World

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