Maga My Ass

Six more countries join Trump-busting Iran barter group


Trump says he'll designate Mexican drug cartels as terrorist groups

Origins of the Opioid Crisis and Its Enduring Impacts
Our results show that the introduction and marketing of OxyContin explain a substantial share of overdose deaths over the last two decades.
Maybe the Sackler family should be labeled a Terrorist Organization?


Obama pines for the political era that created Trump in the first place
The problem with that analysis is that it fails to appreciate how that established order — the one that former President Obama is so nostalgic for — made Donald Trump possible. Under Obama’s leadership — and both Bushes’, and Clinton’s, and Reagan’s — the elites became disconnected from the circumstances of the vast majority of a country that was, and still is, in decline.

American Corrupitalism

 How money laundering is poisoning American democracy
America is the largest dirty money haven in the world. Its illicit money flows dwarf that of any other territory, unless you treat Britain and its offshore tax havens as one. The US Treasury estimates that $300bn is laundered annually in America. This is probably a fraction of the true number. Worse, the US government has no idea who controls the companies that channel the money because America lacks a corporate central registry.

Reforming Rigged Capitalism - It's the Inequality Stupid


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