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Medicare for All

Where the Frauds Are All Legal: Welcome to the weird world of medical billing.


We may have a middle east war just because Netanyahu doesn't want to give up power.

In Wag the Dog Move, Indicted Israeli PM Netanyahu Moves to Annex 25% of Palestinian West Bank

Political Collapse: The Center Cannot Hold

Fake News

Facebook May Face Another Fake News Crisis in 2020
"The Avaaz study, like several prior analyses, found that the majority of fake news items in its sample were pro-Trump or anti-Democrat (79%)"

A Facebook rumor about white vans is spreading fear across America

Interfering in our Elections

Israel-Based Group is Behind Bigoted Facebook Smear Campaign Aimed at Rep. Ilhan Omar

Donald Trump to IAC: Some American Jews 'don't love Israel enough': The president spoke at the Israeli-American Council annual event. This was Trump's first time speaking for a non-political Jewish organization.
How can they claim to be a "non-political organization" when the name is Israeli-American Council and they have Trump speaking like this. 
Also, I agree with Atrios  "..if a prominent Democrat said something like this "we'd" be talking about the Democrats' anti-Semitism problem for the next 25 years."


Now if Trump had said the Occupation should end,. well then he'd be in some trouble.

Interfering in UK Elections

Wiesenthal Center names UK’s Corbyn top anti-Semite of 2019
The list is normally published in late December or early January; the earlier release this year may have been timed to come out ahead of the upcoming UK vote.

Media - Propaganda - Bullshit

Fox Propaganda starts the same type of smear against Bernie. Smearing an old Jewish guy with the anti-Semitic label for political purposes. How can they call themselves news.

Bullshit #1 - Pathetic Innumeracy

"The key bit of bullshitting in the headline is that the $2 million was earned over 30 years, amounting to less than $70K per annum for one of the nation’s foremost bankruptcy experts."

How the Schiff Report Deals with Disinformation
Writing in BuzzFeed News, reporter Ryan Broderick argued that that House Intelligence Committee hearings were really two hearings at once—one Democratic hearing focused on establishing the facts of the Ukraine scandal, and one Republican hearing “seek[ing] to create not just a counternarrative but a completely separate reality,” designed to produce “bite-size Facebook posts” and clips for Fox News.
This is a pretty good post about how the R misinformation machine works.

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