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Fox News Is Now a Threat to National Security: The network’s furthering of lies from foreign adversaries and flagrant disregard for the truth have gotten downright dangerous.
Fox’s bubble reality creates a situation where it’s impossible to have the conversations and debate necessary to function as a democracy. Facts that are inconvenient to President Trump simply disappear down Fox News’ “memory hole,” as thoroughly as George Orwell could have imagined in 1984.
..its unique combination of lies and half-truths has built a virtual reality so complete that it leaves its viewers too misinformed to fulfill their most basic responsibilities as citizens to make informed choices about the direction of the country.
However, this ...
but it’s clear from this year that something fundamental and meaningful has tipped inside the network.
...is just wrong. Fox has been doing this for years. They've programmed their viewers, Trump is one of them, to cult levels. Trump had the carnival-barker ability to take over the cult and ride the wave of crazy.


Good questions from the Rude Pundit.  A Few Questions for Enraged Republicans

The Free Market


Interfering in Our Politics

Trump Signs Order Interpreting Judaism As A Nationality And Race
The White House’s latest move, if fulfilled, is a huge victory for pro-Israel organizations here in the United States that, according to Forward magazine has been funneling tens of millions of dollars into combating constitutionally protected boycotts on school campuses and in American states. 

More on Judaism as a Nationality and Race

Weaponizing American Jews 
It’s obvious that defining Judaism as a “nationality” on collage campuses that receive federal funding has nothing to do with protecting American Jews from antisemitism. The whole thing is part of a larger political ploy to stop political criticism of Israel by conflating Jewish identity with Zionism. 
Conflating Jews and Israel and defining anti-Zionism as antisemitism has long been goal of the Zionist movement, but it’s important to remember that Zionism has never had full unanimous support among Jews.
Ian Welsh on Israel and Jews as a Nationality.

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