Probably the best description of the Trump-Giuliani-Ukraine deal you will find.

from The Rude Pundit 
4. The picture of President Trump that came through today is of an out-of-touch idiot who has listened to Rudy Giuliani, another out-of-touch idiot, both of them sharing delusions of conspiracy theories. And when people in the intelligence, national security, and foreign policy communities tried to tell Trump that the batshit allegations about Ukraine and the DNC server or the Bidens are batshit, Trump told them to fuck off and put Giuliani in charge, sending him on a mission to confirm the batshit allegations, eventually bribing Ukraine to almost join him in the delusion pool before all this shit was revealed by the whistleblower and confirmed by the multiple officials who have testified. 
Seriously, this is like Trump sending people to search for Barack Obama's birth certificate, except now he gets to do it with the power of the Oval Office and the purse of the United States behind him.

American Corrupitalism

Gougers ‘R’ Us: How Private Equity Is Gobbling Up Medical Care

Robert Reich: Billionaires Don't Actually Like Capitalism
Capitalism doesn’t work well with monopolies, insider-trading, political payoffs, fraud, and large amounts of inherited wealth. Billionaires who don’t like Sanders’s and Warren’s wealth tax should at least support reforms that end these anti-capitalist advantages.
 .. centre-right politicians have for years played a rhetorical trick. They have invited us to believe that “tough” talk about “hard choices” is a sign of economic competence. But as Simon says. it isn’t. Sometimes, a hard heart is a sign of a soft head.

Israel vs Palestine - The Reporting

How Western Media Bias Allows Israel to Get away with Murder in Gaza

Israel vs Palestine - The Settlements

Fascists R Us: Trump/ Pompeo’s Denial that Israeli Squatting on Palestinian Land is Illegal - A good explanation of why the US policy change is wrong.

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