Fox - Keeping the Cult in Line

The Fox top headline the morning after day-one of the impeachment hearings.


CPI Reality Check: Where is Your Dollar Really Going? Medical Care inflation is leading the way. MAGA my ass.

Medicare for All and The Cult

I d say this is right but I think Fox is more important to the R brand than Trump.
When Donald Trump decides Medicare For All has been the Republican policy all along, they will all get behind it. No I don't think that's going to happen, but hopefully you get the point. 
The MAGA base basically needs to feel like they're Owning The Libs with a healthy dose of racism. Medicare for Everyone But Black People would poll at 700% favorable. "Donald Trump supports Medicare for All, do you?" would get a strong majority.

Our Leaders

Indiana judges suspended after 3 a.m. brawl at White Castle - The redneckness runs thick out here in Teabagistan.


The Market is almost always wrong about what the Fed will do. - So why do we believe markets work for used cars, cell service, etc?

American Crapitalism

Capitalism eating its own.

Stupid Questions

Will Carmelo Anthony Help Portland? - No....

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