Probably should get those old phones and other rechargeables out of the house when you're done with them.

LESSONS IN LI-ION SAFETY and Scooter flare up


Michael Bloomberg’s Ego Is an Agent of Socialist Change -  The opening pretty much says it all.
These are anxious days for Democrats who favor gated communities and unfettered trade. Americans who believe in a woman’s right to choose and private equity’s right to loot, now need a Klonopin with their morning news. Elizabeth Warren — the slayer of Summers, stumper of Stumpf, and all around bane of (finance) capital — boasts comfortable leads in Iowa and New Hampshire. In at least one of those states, a Trotskyist fellow traveler is her closest competitor. Now, the betting market’s invisible hand is pointing leftward. And those who fear that blue America is “going red” seem to have no safer bet than a septuagenarian who’s never quite sure what state he’s in (or else, a college-town mayor who may or may not have one black friend).

Which is to say: Davos Democrats’s disaffection with the 2020 field is understandable. The fact that their wing of the party has found itself banking on Joe Biden — a 76-year-old who is rambly beyond his years, and infamous for running memorably awful presidential campaigns in his prime — is surely distasteful for folks accustomed to hiring only the finest of help. But their frustrated entitlement is starting to cloud their judgment


Brazil's former president Lula walks free from prison after supreme court ruling - I hope Lula can put some pressure on the right-wing government but I get the feeling this release is a way to get rid of him without having an "Epstein-Like Suicide in Jail" problem.


The “Deep State” Is a Political Party - I see it more as the police force for our two political parties. It would back either an R or a D but it's not going to back an outsider, especially an incompetent one like Trump. Whether it will support Bernie (or even Warren) is yet to be seen.

Secret chats involving Republican lawmaker reveal fresh evidence of plots and paranoia - Wild.. if true. Something we should be hearing about in US media. if true....

Turns Out, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Huge in Iowa - Wow, people like progressives!

Medicare For All

Medicare for All Is a Strategy

Medicare for All Is Even Better Than You Thought


Information disorder: ‘The techniques we saw in 2016 have evolved’ - They've always been out their but there's never been an amplifier like the Internet, social media, email, etc.

US and Israel

I guess you can call an old Jewish guy an anti-Semite. Enfeebled Israel lobby strikes back on military aid

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