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Nothing Newt has to say qualifies as Headline News. (Google News 2019.11.03)

The Power that Is

The Incredible Shrinking Overton Window

The Enemy Within

Health Care

American Crapitalism

This Is a Horror Story: How Private Equity Vampires Are Killing Everything

The World Has Gone Mad and the System Is Broken

FINANCIAL INCENTIVES ARE WEAKER THAN SOCIAL INCENTIVES BUT VERY IMPORTANT ANYWAY - I think this and the underlying study make the point that "because markets" is not the answer for every problem. Markets are a part of course but social incentives, government, thought and belief viruses running amuck among the masses all play a part. Of course those in charge of our capitalist paradise don't really want to hear that.

Inequality and the Iron Law of Decaying Public Services - A good article. Applies directly to public vs private schools.
Growing income equality, holds Peltzman’s Law, “stimulates growth of government.” Growing inequality has the exact opposite effect. In societies becoming more unequal, taxpayers are less likely to support spending that enhances a society’s stock of public goods and services.

Israel vs Palestinians

Gaza: what life is like under the continuing Israeli blockade


Democratic Socialists Had a Pretty Good Election Night

Pelosi Must Go

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