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If Libertarianism Hollowed Out, Why?

Well, maybe people are beginning to see that their lives are being fucked-up, not by big government, but by big business and American capitalism and that all this "tax cutting" and "getting government out of the way" is just making it worse.

I mean,..it's hard to hate the government when private banks, colleges, insurance companies, and Hospitals are bankrupting you, dealing with multinational corporations is more difficult than the local BMV ever was, and every time you get a dime, some "capitalist" finds a way to insert himself into the transaction chain to take it from you.

Contrary to Libertarian thought, government has become the lesser of the evils that working people face on a daily basis.


False Flag? UN monitors say Houthis not behind Saudi Aramco attacks: Report
"The panel notes that Abqaiq and Khurais were approached respectively from a north/northwestern and north/northeastern direction, rather than from the south, as one would expect in the case of a launch from Yemeni territory," the report said, according to Reuters.

Media - Headline of the Day

US Isolationist Forces Strike the Middle East

Media - Misinformation

Who wants to be the next Andy McCabe?
"I don't know what to say. Of course the government should look into this. But how in the world is this going to work out in light of the fact that Donald Trump himself is largely responsible for spreading the Russian disinformation?

The mind boggles.

Stay tuned. This is going to get weird."
I wish D's would stop calling it "Russian disinformation".  Anyone, Americans, Russians, Italians, Israelis, anyone on the god damn planet can make the make the misinformation bites that fill up your social media feed.  My guess is that most are made right here at home by fine upstanding 'muricans.

Blaming Russia avoids the real issues.
     1. That it's social media that allows the shit to spread quickly
     2. The social media giants have no good way to deal with it.
     3. Corporate media is terrible at getting the real facts out there.
     4. Americans as a whole are not real sharp and are gullible as hell.

I do agree that it's going to "get weird".


Pretty good stuff here:  The Progressives Guide to Corporate Democrat Speak


Bloomberg is one of them. He does business with them everyday. He pals around with them. Goes to parties with them. He thinks like them. He is one of them, an oligarch.

Corporate Ds are just in a pickle. They have to look like they're fighting Trump and the Rs while still serving basically the same donors.

American Corrupitalism

The Most Popular Crook in America
"I’ve argued that, in many respects, the presidency of Donald Trump is more “normal” than some people would like to admit. That is, it’s a logical end point of where conservatism has been moving, rather than an inexplicable break from a system that was working as intended."
I would argue that it’s a logical end point of where American capitalism has been moving, rather than an inexplicable break from a system that was working as intended.

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