Covid19 vs The Economy

Could Oil Really Fall To $0? -  A good middle east war can fix that.

Nobody Knows What Will Happen When the Rent Comes Due on April 1 - Or when those first quarter 401K-IRA statements hit the public.

Covid19 vs Life

This Is The Most Fun Way To Make Your Life Awesome (Pandemic Edition)
A network can perpetuate anything in it: not just fads, fashion, and trends, but happiness, unhappiness, kindness and cruelty can also spread like a disease.
This gives me hope that the Teabagger attitude that has been spreading via Fox News and other Right-wing outlets will eventually give way to something a little more productive.


Shot of an old house in the Teabagistan district of eastern Indiana.

Sounds and Sadness

John Prine: singer-songwriter critically ill with Covid-19 symptoms, family says

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