The Trump Clan

Trumps Clan

The Orange-One, Jared, Pence, Kemp, DeSantis, Kudlow, etc., it's like we're all in a reality TV show.

Must drive the price of oil up somehow.

Yep America, Donald Trump wants you to pay more for gas! MAGA

Oh Jared......Trump should be impeached for this alone.

Pompeo is a dick.

The Rude Pundit on Trump's Clan
Something kind of extraordinary happened at Monday's White House coronavirus task force press briefing. It happened when President Donald Trump asked Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Seema Verma to say a few words. She stepped up to the microphone and said, "Let me start by saying, I want to convey my deepest sympathies to those that have lost loved ones to the coronavirus.  We’re all thinking of you."

What was extraordinary was that it was the first time in at least a week, if ever, that anyone in the Trump administration recognized the families of the dead and offered any condolences. I have gone through days of briefings and Trump appearances, searching for some sign of compassion for the suffering, and this was the only example I could find.

That's right. The President of the United States has not once sent his sympathy or conveyed any emotion at all about the sick or about the families of the dead, including grieving children and grandchildren. Think about that for a moment. It could have been so simple - a couple of words at the beginning of his opening remarks at one of the more than a dozen briefings he's done. But he didn't because that shows an acknowledgement that something's wrong. It moves the deaths from the abstract numbers he tosses around and gives them meaning in flesh and blood. Or maybe he's just utterly incapable of feelings beyond rage and pride and self-pity. Sociopaths aren't noted for their ability to empathize.

I've noticed my Teabagistan Facebook feed has changed. Fewer "Trump is going to save the world" posts. More jesus, more prayers, Pelosi, Biden, or Hillary are still the anti-christ and the military is great but there aren't as many Trumpers telling me how great he is.

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