Catching Up


Always trying to blame others - Coronavirus: What are President Trump's charges against the WHO?


People acting like assholes over masks.

The Rude Pundit  - Hey, Dumbass Conservatives, We on the Left Want Everything Back to Normal, Too

The Virus Doesn’t Care

The Pandemic and the GOP’s Science Problem


Fox throws out a front page misinformation piece. - Not really mask related but still muddies the waters of the retail asshole-ness that's going on over masks. California retail employee posts photo of her bloody face after alleged customer attack

Israel vs the World

Planning to steal more land while the world fights the virus. Netanyahu says new Israeli gov't should annex illegal settlements

A pretty good summary here. The End of the Oslo Accords: Palestinians pull out of Agreements in face of Netanyahu’s Sudetenland Moment.


Why, oh why, do they love him so much? - If the Ds could bring themselves to offer even a decent candidate this wouldn't be close. Trump vs Biden. not a lot different than Trump vs HRC except the Ds aren't as excited. The corporate establishment cult vs The Fox News Cult. 25% of the people fall into each cult with the rest forced to choose from two people they don't really like.

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