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SRV did his best work with that blue thing on.


About That Swamp?

Eliezer Scheiner, attended a fundraiser in New York City and donated $750,000 to the top super PAC supporting Donald Trump’s reelection campaign, America First Action.


Opening Schools in Teabagistan? Here's what happened in Israel.


The Fox News Front page until the election. this from 8/5/2020

Trickle-Down or Trickle-Up

+ During the foreclosure crisis of 2008/9, the Democrats bailed out the banks instead of the people losing their homes. During the eviction crisis of 2020, they’re about to bail out the landlords instead of the people being kicked out on the streets.
The rise in inequality over the last 40 years has shown that in general money flows to the top and piles up there. If the government just bailed out the people on the bottom, they would spend it and it would still end up in the rich folk's pockets but the people would get some benefit from it. The poor don't ever seem to get much from trickle-down policies.



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